About Us

Why We Developed This Program

At Kinsley Construction, we endeavor to create the excitement, teamwork and loyalty that exist among our employees. Our employees are our most important assets; they are our best marketing force and our future. Without their creativity and their concern for doing the right things the right ways, our ability to grow profitably is diminished. Without them we will not continue to be the dominant contractor in our ever expanding market area.

Kinsley Construction is different from many of our competitors who are merely brokers who subcontract out a major portion, and in some cases, all the work to be performed under contracts they hold. This method has its advantages and, of course, its pitfalls.

By controlling more of the individual items of work, we retain an ability to control quality, increase production, accelerate schedules and maximize profits all while staying closer to the client.

Of course that has its risks, too. We need increased working capital, a large fleet of equipment, a skilled and diverse workforce and projects need to be contracted in a controlled manner.

Most importantly, we must continue to grow our company in order to create meaningful career opportunities for our employees if we are to retain all the knowledge and experience they have gained along the way. Our employees secure our future.

We realized that the skills required to sustain a modern workforce to fuel our growth were limited. We understood that a prudent course of action was to train our own workforce.

Our mission is to build workforce excellence and encourage career advancement by "teaching the standard" in the construction trades. Our programs include a carpentry apprenticeship and ongoing training for current employees.

For over 30 years, Kinsley Construction has been expanding design, engineering and construction capabilities to provide a single source of responsibility to our clients. The Education Center was established as a result of Kinsley's innovation and commitment to managed, controlled growth. Through the apprenticeship program and ongoing training for current employees, Kinsley is making certain that we maintain a highly skilled workforce to ensure our client's satisfaction.